2nd-Semester Seniors Start with Breakfast


Jack Bunzel-Hardie, Staff Writer

The Senior Breakfast tradition was delayed until the 2nd semester this year, in part due to the recent changes made to the school calendar and the number of events that took place in August.  The before-school pampering of the class of 2020 took place on January 10 in the multi-use room.

According to parent organizer Shannon Tague, “In looking at the shift in the school year and the fact that a bunch of activities are stacked then, we wanted to move it to January. Additionally, with finals being moved we figured this was a great way to balance things out. It makes it feel like a fresh start.”

The change was well received. Senior Ryan Lenahan said that the new date made the event feel special as “we really get to kick this semester off with a bang.”

“This breakfast marks the turning point. We get to coast from here and finish high school,” Lenahan added. 

In past years, teachers have served the food, but Tague said that organizers realized the teachers “were over serving,” so the seniors served themselves with the help of parent volunteers.

“We thought a good idea would be to let kids serve themselves and invite the teachers as our guests. By doing that, we could let the teachers and students all sit down and enjoy the beginning of the new semester together,” Tague said. 

The breakfast now offers “a unique opportunity for students to connect with their teachers before they leave,” according to Tague.

Lenahan said that, although the event was not well-advertised, the turnout was strong and the energy was high.

Senior Luke VandenBerghe said his favorite part was being with his classmates. “It’s awesome because you get to wake up early and hang out with your friends and make some lasting memories before we head off to college,” he said.