Club Sails through Oakland Harbor

Ryter Ullrich, Derek Nelson, and Cooper LaRhette

Joelle Nelson

Ryter Ullrich, Derek Nelson, and Cooper LaRhette

Joelle Nelson, Staff Writer

During an open house at Encinal Yacht Club on February 28 from 1 to 4 pm, the sailing club provided sailboat tours for students and parents in an effort to recruit new membership.

Junior Cooper LaRhette, a sailing club member, said it was “an introduction or a little taste of what we do.”

Sophomore sailor Isabella Chao said, “It’s a great opportunity for people to come and learn about what sailing is like if they want to sail, what they’re getting themselves into, explore the club and see what it’s all about.”

Guests conversed with sailors and instructors as they rode out onto the waves in the Oakland Harbor. Participants received a free EYC Jr Sailing T-shirt. They also relaxed by a pool, took a tour of the club, and enjoyed refreshments.

The 15 minute rides were on F-Js, 2 person boats about 15 feet long, and 2 donated keel boats for those who were not as comfortable on the smaller F-Js. The keel boats are also much less likely to capsize on the water and are kid friendly.

“It’s fun to be out on the water,” said LaRhette.

Chao was excited about gaining new members for the club. “I think it’s always fun to see new faces,” she said. She hopes that “at least one person” will show up or “anybody who is interested.”

Chao has been sailing since she was 11, and joined the teams as a freshman. “We all learn together,” she said about the team dynamic.

One memorable moment before they set sail occurred when 2 replicas of 17th century boats fired cannons.  Many spectators at EYC cheered them on and added to the cacophony.

The Encinal Yacht Club, located on the southern end of a strip of water between Alameda and Oakland, provides the boats for the club. Other sailors from Miramonte, Monta Vista and Athenian, who also charter their boats from EYC, were also in attendance.

Flyers for the event were passed out to interested students and parents on February 4 during Campolindo’s open house.