Open Hands Hosts Baseball Tourney

Colette Wright, Design Editor

Project Open Hands held a baseball clinic for community members with special needs. The game took place from 1-3 on May 10 on the varsity baseball field.

Club president Toni Finnane organized the event. “I put this on because I think this is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness around the school about children with disabilities.  It’s cool for special needs students to interact with athletes,” she said.

“I’m glad events like these have grown in popularity and size. There is also more awareness and more students come out to volunteer,” said club adviser Michelle Alessandria.

Finnane invited local special needs baseball teams and solicited volunteers from the Campolindo varsity and junior varsity squads. She also coordinated food and beverages for the event.

“I wanted to come because earlier this year I attended d a Project Open Hands basketball event that I loved and I thought this would be similar. I also thought this was a good opportunity to help others,” said Hailey Merrick.

Merrick’s favorite part was helping people be active.

“I think the event ran smoothly, and the students had a good time” said Finanne.