Bio Yogurt Experiment Demonstrates Fermentation


A students is in the process of making yogurt in Biology.

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

Students in Rene Gillbert’s Biology Class created yogurt, which they ate the very next day.

According to Biology teacher Rene Gillbert, “the purpose of making yogurt was to show the students the concept of lactic acid fermentation.”

Freshman Matthew Ringquist said, “you pour milk in a pan, heat it up and then you stir it. After that, you would put the yogurt mix in. Then you would stir it up. Then you would stir the yogurt mix [with the milk] and then chill it. Then you would put it in an incubator overnight.”

“A lot of other biology teachers do this activity because it is a hands on activity to show the students the process of a chemical reaction,” Gillbert said.

According to Ringquist, the lab was enjoyable because it was unexpected. “I think that it is cool that you can make yogurt , which you would not except in a biology class,” he said.

The students were graded on a participation and completion. “On this activity, the students just had to go through the process of making the yogurt,” Gillibert said.

“My favorite part was seeing how milk and heat could make yogurt,” Evan Ridel said.

Ringquist, who ate the yogurt along with other students, thought it was a bit sour. “I think that the lab can improve by adding a sweetener to the yogurt. Everybody’s yogurt was sour,” he said.