Red Sea, Cougar Checks Rally Spirit

Nikki Honda, Sports Editor

“Cougar Checks” and “The Red Sea” were recently created by the Leadership class to improve school spirit and raise awareness for Friday night football games. Cougar Checks are intended to encourage students to wear Campo clothing on Fridays, and the Red Sea, where students wear red clothing in the stands, is intended to intimidate opponents.

Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco defines Cougar Checks as “an impromptu spirit activity.” He said, “We wanted to try to find a simple way to increase and improve spirit on campus.”

According to sophomore class Vice President Kenzie Brown, Cougar Checks occur every or every other Friday. A name from each grade is randomly selected from a bin by a leadership student, and if that student is wearing spirit wear, he or she is given a bag of candy.

“I think it’s cool for the start of your Fridays to have people running around school. Seeing Leadership students excited kinda gets everyone else excited,” said ASB President Ryan Gannett. “It’s a fun way to get more excitement about wearing Campo gear.”

Junior Anna Barlier earned her class’ Cougar Check on October 12 by wearing her older brother’s Campo sweatshirt. “They all ran in front of me and said ‘you’re a winner’ and I got candy. It made my day,” she said.

The idea of “The Red Sea” was created by Gannett and Spirit Commissioner Zach Remotto. Leadership hopes to convince students going to sporting events to wear red. Petrocco said they “want to create a sea of red in the stands so our opponents are intimidated.” It was inspired from the students who organized a “red out” at the basketball games last year. However, this is the first time Leadership has decided to make an official title for it.

“We thought the student section was a little lacking and wanted a creative way to get people engaged,” said Gannett.

According to Petrocco, Leadership plans on selling Campo “Red Sea” t-shirts for ten dollars sometime after October 15th. They are also throwing towels into the crowd at rallies to get spectators fired up.

Leadership plans on spreading the word through their Twitter account: @CampoRedSea.