Project Peace Club Creates Volunteer Opportunities

Project Peace is a volunteer group that gives clothes to the less fortunate in Walnut Creek and Oakland. A group of students at Campo created a club that participates in their volunteer opportunities. They meet a couple times a year in B11 to discuss group volunteer opportunities which take around three to four hours. Going into next year, the club members hope to keep gaining new members and continue volunteering to help out the community.

A member of the club as well as sophomore Dylan Chu said, “I like volunteering because I get a chance to give back to my community. It makes me feel very grateful for what I have and also proud of how I can give back.”

He added that he likes the club because he “enjoys the opportunity to do something meaningful with my friends and other people can get into volunteering by joining organizations like Project Peace.”

With many students looking to get involved in the community and achieve service awards, Project Peace offers an opportunity for students looking for volunteering.

President of the club sophomore Alex Bruno said, “I started the club because I wanted to give back to the community because I wasn’t doing as much as I might have been able to do.”

He further explained that, “Project Peace is a really chill club we don’t meet super often but when we do meet we discuss when we’re meeting next and future project peace dates which is usually like four dates per year.”

The club is great for students to form bonds with their classmates and to help out people in their community that are less fortunate.

Club member sophomore Quinn Flanagan said the club “is a very fulfilling thing to do. I really like Project Peace especially because you get to do good things for the community with all your friends.”

Flangan added, “I really liked when we went to Walnut Creek and helped by playing with children and giving them toys…other people should volunteer because it makes you feel good.”

Bruno explained the club, “really makes me feel really appreciative for all the things I have and it makes me really happy that I get to give to others…It is a fun way to give back to your community every now and then…It’s very beneficial for integrating yourself in the community around you.”

Project Peace is going to continue volunteering and helping out the community, and they hope they can inspire others to do the same.