Teacher Appreciation Week – Student Perspective

Campo celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week starting on May 8. Students acknowledged their teachers’ effort and hard work throughout the year.

Freshman Mckenzie Khan said, “I really appreciate my science teacher [Jay] Chugh because he is organized, always on top of things, and I have learned so much in his class. He is kind to all his students, always asking us how our days are going or if we need any help with our work. He will give us extensions on projects because he understands that we are all super busy.”

There were several events in honor of the week, including an opportunity to write letters to a staff member or teacher. Faculty members also participated in a celebratory lunch, which was facilitated by the Leadership class. Various Campo students shared their perspective and admiration for Campo staff.

Sophomore Brooke Maher said, “I appreciate [Molly] Kerr because she always notices when people are having an off day and is very reassuring about school and stress. My favorite memory from her class is the field trips we went on this year.”

Many students’ favorite memories are the various field trip opportunities. Many teachers took their classes on trips throughout the year, such as the Choir trip to Hawaii over spring break.

Junior Ali Maguy said, “I appreciate [Jake] Donohoe because she always makes an effort to ensure we’re all engaged. She also did a great job explaining things to us and preparing us for the AP [test]. I have learned a lot in her class.”

Several students expressed that their teachers inspired their future careers. Senior Ava Cingolani said, “A teacher I appreciate is [Natalie] Goepel. She is the kindest, funniest, most selfless person I know, and she has taught me so much this year. My favorite memories from her class are all the times we sat cracked jokes, or how proud she was when I told her I wanted to be a teacher. We should always appreciate teachers because they do a lot more for us than we know.”

Many students made efforts to appreciate their teachers this week, especially because there are many faculty members retiring at the end of this year.