Taylor Swift Embarks on First Tour Since 2018

Taylor Swift started her first tour in five years on March 17. The tour is a collection of all of her previous albums up to this point. She decided to call it the Eras Tour because it’s a journey through all of her different albums.

The first stop on the tour was Glendale, Arizona, which was temporarily renamed Swift City in honor of her performance. The concert was held at State Farm Stadium, where almost 70,000 people attended.

The gates of the venue opened at 4:30 PM and the first opening act, which was the pop artist, Gayle, went on at 6:30 PM. The second act, Paramore, an alternative pop band, went on at 6:55 PM.

Taylor Swift performed for over three hours, with 44 songs in total. Swift performed her various albums in a random order. Most of the songs played were from her four most recent albums, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights, which she hadn’t played before this tour.

She also performed many songs from her big pop album, 1989. One such song included “Bad Blood” where fire shot out of towers from behind the stage. A visual of Swift burning a house (The Lover House) was projected on the stage’s screen, which represented all of her albums with different rooms.

Before the tour started, many fans had been speculating that Taylor Swift did not like Evermore, the second of two albums she put out during quarantine. Swift addressed the crowd and said that she adores the album. After the first few concerts, online fans speculated that instead of hating Evermore, Swift no longer likes Speak Now (2010) or her self-titled album, Taylor Swift (2006). This is due to the fact that she has played few songs from both these albums.

There were many memorable moments from the concert, but one that stands out is the moment after Taylor Swift performed two surprise songs, differing depending on the night. After standing up, Swift dove into the stage and reappeared on the other end of the stage, in a changed outfit relating to a different album.

Another unforgettable moment was during her song Midnight Rain. After the first chorus, Swift fell and was caught by a dancer. Some dancers shielded her with their umbrellas while another dancer did a small routine with their umbrella. After the short pause of singing, Swift broke out of the umbrellas, changing her outfit again.

The concert was filled with notable events. Swift concluded the concert with songs from her latest album, Midnights. She played “Karma,” having fireworks and colorful confetti (with colors representing each album) shooting out of the stage’s towers. Swift will go on to perform concerts all over the country, and possibly in other countries, though she is yet to announce specific details.

Sophomore Claire Birdsey, who is going to one of the two shows at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara in July, said, “I went to the Reputation Tour (2018) in fifth grade with one of my close friends and it was just such an amazing experience. After that I kind of realized that, even though I’ve always liked Taylor Swift, and especially throughout COVID-19 I’ve been listening to more of her new songs and albums. I’ve really restarted liking her music again, so I’m excited to go see all the eras I hadn’t gotten to listen to in concert.”

Taylor Swift has since gone to six other locations, including Las Vegas, Arlington, Tampa, Houston, Nashville, and Philadelphia. During one of the shows, the setlist was changed slightly from a song called “Invisible String,” which is about Swift’s boyfriend of almost seven years, Joe Alwyn, to a song called “the 1,“ which added fuel to the theory that Swift and Alwyn ended their relationship. On the second night in Nashville, Swift announced her next re-recording, which will be Speak Now.