Campolindo Library Inspires Reading for New Year


Isabella Domingo

Students can read 3 books from the library covering identity and personal passions.

Campo Library is challenging students to read more books through a statewide competition. Students can read, vote and choose their favorite out of 3 books that were the top voted nominations for the California Young Reader Medal. The books chosen for this year’s competition focus on realistic teen struggles and personal passions. “Each of the main characters in the books focused on improving themselves and understanding their identity,” freshman Lauren Kawamoto said. “High school is a period of self-discovery. These books show this process and how different people find out who they are,” she added. The books also convey the importance of support groups instead of relying on oneself for all solutions.

With the Fire on High
With the Fire on High is a realistic fiction novel by Carnegie Medal winner Elizabeth Alvacedo, also known for her book The Poet X. The book focuses on the perspective of an 18-year-old girl, Emoni Santiago, and her struggles balancing teen parenthood with school and cooking. As the story progresses, readers immerse themselves in the worlds of culinary art and self-expression. However, they also observe the harsh realities of financial adversity and family conflict. With the Fire On High is a colorful novel that shows diverse characters and unique perspectives while utilizing the power of nostalgia. The book shows the importance of persevering through challenges in order to accomplish goals. Sophomore Kylie Schultz, who read With the Fire on High, said, “I really liked it because of the way it showed how to get through hardship… it really shows the sacrifices and growth people need in order to advance in life.”

A Heart in a Body in the World
A Heart in a Body in the World follows the regrowth of high school character Annabelle Agnelli after a school shooting. Readers observe Annabelle on her journey as she runs cross country with her grandfather, recounting the tragedy and moments that led to her current emotional mindset. “This book was my favorite because it showed how the effects of a school shooting affected the main character,” senior Sonam Mangu said. “I think with all of the school shootings going on, it’s important to read about these types of events so that we can become more aware about it.” Filled with many powerful quotes, the author makes Annabelle’s perspective relatable. The book balances the importance of having a support group as one endures hardships, but also the growth that can come from solo self-discovery.

Unclaimed Baggage
The novel Unclaimed Baggage by Jen Doll focuses on the lives of 3 different highs choolers who become friends doing an odd job: selling lost luggage bags and their contents. The book navigates and explores unlikely friendships and the growing teenage psyche.

The YA California reader medal competition ends on April 1st. Books can be checked out near the library desk and voted on at the front of the library’s table.