Beve: Campolindo’s Favorite Teen Band


Sebastian Whitfield (he/him)

Beve after their performance at The Lafayette Art, Wine and Music Festival.

The band called Beve, featuring 4 Campo students, performs at various functions, covering songs by 90s rock band Weezer.

It started back in March of 2022, with twin juniors Cooper and Quinn Carmichael practicing at home with their rhythm and bass guitars. They invited drummer Arjun Krishnan and lead guitarist Josh Larson to join them. Beve began playing lunch gigs on campus, headlining Campo’s Homecoming Dance, and performing at local restaurants.

“It was just me and my brother playing for a few months,” Quinn said. “Then we wanted to make a band and called Arjun. We had been playing in his shed for a while, just for fun, and had a bunch of people there. We played a show at our parent’s friend’s house that he does every year, which was fun. Before our 2nd show we got Josh, our lead guitar player.”

The band has received help and encouragement from English teacher Tom Duffy and his live music club.

“Yeah, Duffy has been amazing, giving us connections,” Krishnan said. “We opened for his band. It’s all organized by his club. [They’re all] really great.”

With Duffy’s assistance, Beve has been able to build connections and work on various projects. In addition to their performances, the band has many new things in store, according to Larson. “I like talking about our different musical ideas and being creative and being able to come up with new songs,” he said.

Many Campo students enjoy watching Beve concerts, both at school events and off campus.

Beve fan junior Sophie Levy said, “I like how they have an inclusive environment. Their whole vibe is just really nice, because they are a very close-knit group and work well together. I enjoy going to the garage performances they do at the Carmichaels’ house. Those are fun, because I go with my group of friends and we just all hang out and have a good time listening to music.”

Junior Ela Giftgi, another Beve fan, agrees. “I like how their music is fun and upbeat. But they also have slow songs. Their homecoming performance was really good… The acoustics were really nice.”