5 Ways to Keep the Halloween Spirit During Pandemic


Cyrene Puno

A COVID Halloween

October always presents a host of fun fall-time traditions, but unfortunately, most people are unable to relish in their favorite pastimes as they would have under normal circumstances. Given the pandemic, here are some COVID-friendly ideas to have a spook-tacular Halloween.

1. Socially distant scary movie. To add to the scare factor, set up a projector and some picnic blankets outside and watch in the dark with friends or family members within your bubble. This is an easy activity to spread out with friends, and being in the open air greatly reduces the risks of COVID-19. Some classics to watch include The Purge, The Conjuring, The Shining, and It or It Chapter Two.

2. Spooky scary skele-pumpkins. Purchase a plump pumpkin at your local Safeway or Whole Foods and get carving! Carving pumpkins is a great way to indulge your creativity whilst getting into the spirit of Halloween. Plus, they make super festive porch decorations!

3. Ghost photoshoot. We’ve all seen the aesthetic ghost Tik Toks where one person puts a sheet over their heads and poses with varying backgrounds for a Halloween-esque vibe. Plus, the sheet doubles as a mask!

4. Treat packaging. For the kids around your neighborhood who may be out with their parents on Hallow’s Eve, it would be safest if you didn’t engage in handing out treats from your doorway. Instead, pre-package candy in bags, leaving them on your doorstep to be picked up. Both parties remain safe so long as you use gloves and sanitize when making the treat bags.

5. PSLs. Although you cannot sit and enjoy our Pumpkin Spice Lattes inside Starbucks, you can still get everyone’s favorite fall drink in the drive-thru or via mobile order at Starbucks. Be sure to wear a mask in the drive-thru to protect Starbucks workers!