La Puma Exciting Opportunity

Mallory Lapiana, Staff Writer

La Puma

Campo has spirit yes we do

Campo has spirit that means you can too!

The Journalism class is in need of help,

by adding new staff writers is what this is about.

Improving your writing is what we do best

and Joining La Puma is nothing like the rest.

And it’s okay if writing not your thing because

the Journalism class also have video and photography.

this is a class that  colleges loves

and as part of  the staff I can say

Its nothing but fun

the best part is when you need a break

during your final week

you can get a bit to eat and play some fun games

that the teacher

Mr. Woolridge makes

I really do love this class

and I do think that you all would have a blast

if you come and see how fun La Puma can be

And all the great people that you meet you

And you would then know

why La Puma is known

as the number one choice elective

so hurry up don’t be late

join La Puma now because the fun awaits.