U2 Free Download Recipient Pushes Back

Within a mere 2 weeks of its release, U2’s new long-play album, Songs of Innocence, has rapidly become one of the most trashed in recent history. Apple even released a “U2 Remover Tool” so that users could permanently remove it from their music libraries.

Songs of Innocence was released on September 9 as a complimentary gift for iTunes users and was automatically added to the accounts of over 885 million iTunes users, for absolutely no charge. It’s a free album by U2, a top-selling, 22-time Grammy Award-winning rock band who earned a place in the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2005.

So why has the U2 album received such backlash?

I didn’t know much about U2, but I gave the LP a listen anyway. The lyrics were repetitive, the bass was over-amplified, and the tunes sounded like twisted prayer hymns.

I’m a bit angry that Apple has pushed this mediocre music, which has further minimized my available iCloud storage.

I feel that Apple’s decision was tone deaf to the current social climate, especially now that celebrities are being hacked on iCloud and getting their nudes posted all over the internet. Privacy is already a sensitive subject, and Apple only makes it worse by loading content into personal accounts without gaining consent.

I’m also annoyed at U2’s ego, at the fact that they think half a billion people actually want their music. If I really wanted this album, I would have gone to iTunes and downloaded it myself.

Have I mentioned the album cover? The only thing on the cover is a large image of a CD, with the words “U2”, “LP”, and Songs of Innocence written on it in scrawly black ink. It’s basically a whitewashed version of the “artwork” of Kanye West’s 2013 album, Yeezus.

So, sure, U2’s new album was free. But is the upload really worth having to hit “skip” every time “Cedarwood Road” comes on?

I think not.

From now on the only CD-covered album I will listen to is Kanye’s.

Yeezus take the wheel.