Teachers Deserve Compensation for Excellence

Kevin Fong, Editor-in-Chief

On paper the art of teaching is simply transferring knowledge to students; but it is so much more than that.

A teacher’s success is not measured by what their students scored on the latest standardized test. It’s measured by what they inspire their students to accomplish with their lives. Teachers don’t just tell students what happened during the Progressive Era or what the anti derivative of x^-1 is, they ignite passion for learning, a greater sense of self, and the ability to face and often overcome challenge.

Campolindo has a reputation of excellence. Whether it be in academics, sports, or clubs, people know the roar of the cougar.

What is the reason for this legacy of achievement and success?

It starts at the roots. There may be different traits brought to the equation by the individual student, but the teacher or coach who is there everyday, putting in the time (often personal time, not contract time), is the common denominator at Campolindo.

Enthusiasm. The love of teaching. With these in their tool belts, our teachers set themselves a part. The vigor they have for the subjects they teach inspire students to care. Without it, daily school life would dwindle, academic interest would wane.

Campolindo teachers put their souls into what they do. They sacrifice social time, alone time, family time and fun time for our time, the student’s time. Instead of Saturday afternoon hikes or weekend getaways, they stay inside grading papers. Instead of hiding away in the teachers’ lounge at lunch or brunch, they’re in their classrooms administering make-up tests or giving feedback on an essay.

For what teachers contribute to the campus and the community (let’s not forget about one of the major factors for Lamorinda’s robust property value), their financial compensation comes up short.

They are certainly the recipients of “the joy of giving.”  They give a life-long passion for learning, but if money was just hugs and smiles we would have rampant inflation.

Campolindo enjoys the best instructors in the state, yet they don’t receive relative salaries. Often the Acalanes school district is compared to those of Tamalpias and Los Gatos in terms of demographics and achievement. Though Campolindo always comes out on top, the difference in teacher pay between these districts is significant.

The best teachers should be payed at least the same as teachers in other areas with a similar standard of excellence and level of student performance.

The teachers of Campolindo invest their time and energy often when it’s not required of them.

They took furlough days to keep the money flowing for the school, its programs and the students.

They’ve absorbed many blows in order to shelter the school.

It’s time for those they have sacrificed so much to protected give something back. I hope that all Campolindo students and their families will join me in support of the teachers in their current contract negotiations with the district.  The teachers have been here for Campolindo.

We need to be here for our teachers.