Belief Fuels True Achievement

Kevin Fong, Editor-in-Chief

I find that a person is defined not by what they do when they are on top of the world, but what they reveal when they are in the deepest crack in the earth. Achievement is measured not by how good one is relative to others; it is measured by the distance one travels to reach his or her peak.
Literary tales reveal our humanity. They follow our eventual emersion from or immersion in tragedy. These stories relate how an author views the human condition and what we should know about it, but the reason why they strike home is because we can all relate to adversity.
Not everyone has had to face dragons with only a dagger in hand, but we have all faced challenges.
It is in those perilous moments that we define who we are. It is when our greatest fear stands before us, and we have the choice to flee or fight.
Anyone can pretend to be a hero. They can pretend to be brave and speak words of bravado, but when it comes down to it, the true hero will be revealed.
It is action, not speech that shows a true hero.
Fearlessness does not define a hero. The nerve to move forward in spite of doubt is what courage is all about.
The human capacity for pain is limitless when coupled with true determination. There is tenacity within us to get up even though everything is yelling at us to stay down. When something is on the line and it’s all or nothing, we can always pull through. It’s a part of being human.
I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes. During the cross country season, the frosh-soph boys were behind after the first DFAL center meet. They were hit hard, expecting to defeat all that opposed them; however, they did not make a bed in the dirt and stay there. They got up, brushed off the dust and rocks, and put their arms up ready to fight again.
Come the second DFAL center meet, they were ready. They had the determination and the will to win. With that by their sides, they won the meet and proceeded to win the DFAL Championships with belief in their hearts.
Belief is the soul of determination.
Knowing that something is possible opens up a universe of opportunities. Whether it’s believing that you can stand up to a bully, earn that “A” in the class everyone fails, or even saying “Hi” to that girl who you walk past everyday, BELIEF brings you one step closer to actually achieving it.
When I was barely able to walk after a devastating calf pull, I had the belief that I could evetually be on the varsity team despite my current condition. That belief gave me the strength to begin to walk without crutches. After crutches came physical therapy and all the pain of getting my body back into shape. Even though I had doubts I still believed in my dream. I knew that I could get up from this fall and reach even higher than I did before.
Human capacity amazes me. Whether it is the heroics of a one or the evils of another, human capabilities are infinite.
But what of the doubts? What of the fears?
They poison and slowly deteriorate the determination that once was great.
Never mind the doubts that attempt to pull us down into the dark depths of despair. Ignore the fear that sends shockwaves through our bloodstream. Push through the pain and know that what’s ahead is possible.
Fuel the soul with belief and determination and the weight of the fear and doubts will dissolve into dust. Once the burden is lifted, the body will be free to stretch and show its true strength.
So when it comes down to it, how will you be defined?