Breaking Dawn Premise Troubling

Colette Wright, Staff Reporter

The Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer first caught my attention in 6th grade before it became a world phenomenon; however, I thought it was boring and I couldn’t even get through the 1st chapter.

2 years later, when the series was the talk of the school, I tried reading it again and came to enjoy it. As one might say, I jumped on the bandwagon.  The story follows the love triangle of a human, a vampire, and a werewolf.

With the 5th and final installment in the Twilight film franchise, Breaking Dawn part 2, recently released, I reflected on the series. Though the movie was good, it did not change my overall opinion about the story.

Although this series may be well known, not everyone shares my affinity for it. “It’s worse than other series. They weren’t well written,” said junior Stefani Henderson.

I agree that though the ideas of Twilight are interesting, the writing style is weak.

“The series was more romantic than other series, but I don’t think they are well written. It has good ideas though,” added freshman Izzi Beer.

Yet, the idea of having a vampire for a boyfriend who is tempted to kill you all the time does have its problems.

“The books aren’t well developed. Neither are the characters. It’s a strange idea and there really isn’t a love story quite like this one,” added junior Sabrina Wong.

Fan or not, it is hard to imagine anyone has escaped an encounter with some aspect of the Twilight saga, given the media attention. “I heard about it from a friend and I wanted to read the series and watch the movies,” said Beer.”

I wanted to know what people were talking about too so I skimmed the books just to understand what my friends were talking about at the time. “My friends were reading [the books] and I wanted to be in the know and understand what everyone was talking about,” explained Henderson. “I thought [the series of books] were weird and strange in general. A vampire isn’t supposed to be a loving boyfriend and neither is a werewolf,” Wong agreed.

Even though I disagree, the unique romance of the stories was enticing. “At the time the movies were a lot different than regular love stories. Loving a vampire seems magical,” said Beer.