Klein Averse to Homework Hound

Matt Klein, Staff Writer

Who needs homework anyway?

It is a miserable experience that we suffer through every night. Since we are forced to sit through school and do tedious work all day, does it seem right that we should be suffocated with endless homework assignments as well?

After a long day of assignments and tests in school, it would be nice to be able to relax the rest of the day and take a nap or watch a movie. Unfortunately , that is not the case. Every night, we are forced to hit the books.

“It’d be nice to just be able to go home and relax and not have to worry about school,” said Sophomore Jim Coon. “It just really piles up and is a real stressor that just seems unnecessary,” he added.

For teachers, it is endless papers they have to grade. Teachers grade the exact same paper for every student in the class.

If the world put an end to homework, life would just be easier for all of us. Teacher’s Assistants aren’t too fond of all of the homework either, according to Junior Becca Frazier, who TA’s for English teacher Scott Brady-Smith.

“As a TA, I end up having to grade all of the homework assignments everyday. It just takes forever and everything would just be way better without it,” said Frazier.

Take a second to imagine a world without homework. Things would be smooth for all of us. There would be no more hurrying home from school to get a head start, no more waking up early to finish a project. Instead of hitting the books, you could hit the pool. We would have time to hang with friends and do things of more value.

There are definitely some good things that come with doing homework. A struggling test grade in a class  is often times saved by a miraculously high homework grade. However, maybe our test grades wouldn’t be so low in the first place if we weren’t hounded by the endless amounts of work we have to complete every night.

Maybe what our test grade really needs is a relaxed mind, prepared to take a test.