A Night Under the Spotlight

Senior Ball is tomorrow!! After months of preparation by senior leadership students, seniors are excited to experience a dazzling “Night Under the Spotlight,” on Saturday, May 6. The theme pays homage to old Hollywood glamour, and was organized by the seniors in Leadership.

Much effort was put into the preparation of Senior Ball by the students, as it is an important event for the graduating class. “We all collectively worked together to organize ball. We took time out of our already busy schedules to taste food, coordinate rides, and find decorations. We have a decor team, but we still have to choose which ones we think will fit the theme the most,” said senior Blake Webster.

Many students are excited for the Ball to be held at The Hibernia, a bank located in San Francisco. “The venue location was already decided by our class advisors 2 years ago. “We’re actually very lucky to get this venue because it’s usually very hard to book,” says Webster. The venue will be decorated in roaring 20’s old Hollywood style. Initially some members of leadership wanted a 007 theme, but they settled for “A Night Under the Spotlight”.

Leadership was initially worried about providing enough food options for students with dietary restrictions, but they were able to solve this issue through a buffet style dinner. “Everyone has their table and their table assignments. So we are planning on calling tables one by one to be called out to the buffet. I think it’s going to be more efficient than being served and students will be able to choose what they want to eat,” said senior Anneliese McKenzie.

Senior ball is a rewarding experience for students to have fun and celebrate. Teacher chaperone Dino Petrocco says he thinks it’ll be, “a fun night for students to dress up, dance, and…a perfect night for students to just have a good time.”

Seniors are incredibly excited and very much looking forward to Ball. They have expressed their intrigue in the event especially because of the San Francisco venue as well as the theme. “I am incredibly excited for Ball. It is definitely a pretty big step up from last year, since last year’s Prom was just outside at Saint Mary’s. I also think it is kind of mysterious that it is in an old bank that has been renovated, so the venue will probably be very aesthetic and pretty,” said senior Aditya Murthy.

Leadership urges students to read the Senior Ball FAQ on the Campolindo Class of 2023 Instagram page (@campolindoclassof23) or to reach out if they have any questions.