First Yosemite Trip Since Covid Cut Short

This year’s Yosemite trip was the first trip the science department has taken since the start of COVID-19, however, due to cold temperatures and snow, the trip was cut short — only lasting from February 24 to February 25.

The annual science department trip to the Yosemite National Park was started over 20 years ago by former AP Environmental Science teacher Jane Kelson and Science teacher Roxanna Jackman. Science and Woodworking teacher Trent Kauzer said, “Ms. Kelson and Ms. Jackson started the trip for students interested in science…The trip is now for students who want to enjoy nature rather than just strictly science.”

Originally the trip was supposed to be from February 24 to February 27 , and the days would be filled with different activities. Senior Grace Isaeff said,“There were so many things planned for the trip like hiking, bonding activities, and so much more. So when they told us that the trip would be cut short, my group was able to fit a lot of activities into one day, we were able to hike and go cave exploring.”

Senior Kira Barrett said, “When we got to the valley it was sunny and really nice, and then after the first night it started to snow. The next morning when we woke up, it was so cold, but the valley was just gorgeous. I was a bit bummed out when they told us that the trip would be cut short, but I understand that it isn’t safe.”

Overall, students felt that they had a great time in the valley even if the trip was only one day. “I felt that we still were able to have a lot of fun even if our trip was shorter. We did skits and just had a fun time in nature. It is a bit disappointing, since I was excited for the trip, but I’m glad we were able to have a day in the valley,” added Barrett.

Many students who attended the trip want for it to be rescheduled, but due to many senior activities the trip may not be rescheduled. Kauzer said, “I went back and forth with Nature Bridge, the company we use for planning the trip, and the only week they were able to offer was the week before finals. And because the students on the trip were all seniors, it would be hard for us to find time for the trip with all the senior graduation events.”

Despite the shortened trip and the fact that the trip might not be rescheduled, students who attended still were able to spend one fun jam-packed day in Yosemite, a first since COVID-19 started back in 2020.