Clubs Host Joint Academy Session on Transgender Issues


Maggie Doolittle, Staff Writer

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) club joined with the Women’s Awareness on Campus (WAC) club to host an Academy session focused on transgender women on February 28.

Academy host Lindsay Webb-Peploe said, “I think it’s really important for clubs that represent different segments of our student body to come together so that they can be allies for each other.”

Both clubs hope to attract more members in an effort to bring students of various backgrounds together.

WAC co-president senior Isabelle Restrepo explained that students who come to joint academies “are now interacting with groups that they may not have been interacting with before. And so I think that…it’s going to spread awareness because they’re learning more about another club that they may not have been interested in or what would not have participated in otherwise.”

Restrepo added that this is the first time, in her 4 years at Campolindo, of diversity clubs collaborating in this way.

Uniting students and helping them standing up to intolerance is the goal of each club.

SAGA Director of Outreach senior Max Schultz added, “Suffering is just inter-sectional…I think this is very important to shed light on the fact that we’re all kind of united under this idea of equality and equity. And the only way we can get there is if we work together.”