Campus Supervisor Jumps Back in Driver’s Seat


Erika Riedel, Business Editor

Long-time district employee and recent campus supervisor Susie Frederich has taken a new job driving buses and vans at the California School for the Deaf (CSD) in Fremont.  Her final day at Campolindo was Friday, September 6.

Friedrich started in the Acalanes Union High School District as a bus driver but was re-assigned to the position of campus security when the district contracted its transportation department several years ago.

Her new position at the CSD will allow here to return to the driver’s seat. “I am going to be a full-time bus driving because that is my passion. It is what I was trained to do, and I love driving kids to sports events,” said Friedrich.

Secretary Carolyn Daughton, a friend of Friedrich’s since 2009, added, “Talking to the kids on the bus and driving the bus was her favorite thing.”

Friedrich applied for the CSD position in January. Given the time since submitting her application, Friedrich was surprised to hear that she had received the position.

Friedrich, a favorite campus personality, has a student-run Instagram page (@mornings_with_susie) dedicated to her, which features daily morning selfies with Campolindo students.

Daughton noted Friedrich’s kindness towards others. “[Friedrich] is one of the happiest, most generous people I have met, sincerely. Students and the staff love her. Her generosity goes way further than anybody I’ve ever met. If she knows that it’s your birthday she will have the place decorated. She is that kind of a person.”

Friedrich predicts that the primary challenge of transferring to a new school will be “communication” and “learning new kids, with the only difference being that they can’t hear.” She has begun taking sign language classes in preparation. Despite the adjustments she will have to make, Friedrich is looking forward to the “new adventure.”

Owner of @mornings_with_susie, junior Laura Studebaker said, “I’m so happy for Susie. She’s got this great job opportunity and she’s gonna learn sign language and all these things but we are so sad to see her go.”

“[The CSD students] are going to absolutely love her. She is probably going to be the best thing to ever happen to that school. She is going to adjust really well and the kids are going to love her, I know it,” said Daughton.