Heat Moves Dance to Multi-use Room


Amanda Young, Editor-in-Chief

Originally slated to be held in the big gym, the annual Welcome Back Dance was moved to the multi-use room due to excessive heat on the evening of August 16.

While school dances are traditionally held in the more spacious gymnasium, junior Sophie Webster, Commissioner of Social Affairs, explained that the venue change was due to the superior air conditioning of the multi-use room, which was deemed necessary given the near-100 degree daily temperatures leading up to the event.

“The MUR was, for now, a one-time occurrence,” Webster said. “We will debrief with the class during the next Leadership period and decide if the MUR is a better option, but due to the popularity of the gym and the additional space, most dances will be held there in the future.”

Junior Sebastian Fojut said that he liked that the dance was held in the MUR because “the smaller surroundings made it feel more full” but acknowledged that “it got really humid.”

The move across the quad also included a different setup for the outdoor break area.

“I like how their outdoor section had a lot more options,” Fojut added. “They had a good variety of games and a larger space outside, which I thought was a great improvement. Leadership did really well with this one.”

Sophomore Sara Tabibian agreed that the outdoor space was a positive addition and said that her “favorite part was definitely the ping pong game that was set up outside.”

Webster said that the Leadership class is also considering an outdoor dance on the tennis courts for later in the school year.

While scheduling the DJ was done in June, Leadership officers had to hustle to put together the rest of the event in just a single week. “[But,] we only had this first week to plan decorations, get chaperones, and work out any other details,” said Webster. “It was definitely stressful because we only had 3 Leadership class periods and two of them were 45 minutes. We didn’t have time to make as many decorations as we usually do for dances, and finding parent chaperones was difficult as well because we gave them such short notice.”

“I was honestly pretty nervous about people showing up, but I was happy with the turnout. I think everyone had a lot of fun, and there was a wide variety of people from different grades which in my opinion, makes the dance a success,” Webster said.