March Dance Celebrates NCAA Tourney

March Dance Celebrates NCAA Tourney

Finn Welch, Staff Writer

From humble beginnings as a replacement for the Welcome Back dance in 2016 due to broken pipes, Campolindo’s 3rd March Madness dance was held on March 1, cementing it as a new tradition.

“Last year, it was a great success,” said Leadership Adviser Lindsay Webb-Peploe. “People really like it because they wear jerseys, and it’s fun, and really the last casual dance in the year, so for seniors, it’s their last high school dance.”

“Everyone really likes the theme,” agreed Leadership’s chief organizer of the dance, junior Meg Balfrey.

Leadership planned for the dance to be on March 1 because the SAT and spring musical performances are scheduled to occur throughout the remainder of the month. Webb-Peploe described the situation as “maybe not ideal, but it’s still fun.”

Last year’s March Madness dance also piloted a lounge area, which included games like Ping-Pong, Corn hole, and even a video gaming truck. Webb-Peploe said, “That’s been really successful, so we’re kind of at a year anniversary of [the dance].”

Balfrey agreed, “I think this is our 3rd or 4th year doing it and everyone’s really into it.”

Senior Will Grubbs felt that the dance was a good way to “get out of your comfort zone and kind of just moving regardless of who’s there and meeting new people.”