Spirit Week Hosts Daily Winter Themes


Ava Charlesworth, Staff Writer

Celebrating holiday spirit and publicity for the Blacklight Blizzard Dance on December 14, “winter week” included lunchtime activities and dress-up themes during the week of December 10.

Monday was dubbed “Hibernation Day,” allowing students to dress in their PJs and participate in a “snowball” fight (dodgeball) at lunch in the big gym. Senior Katherine Hawkins said, “I think it’s fun to see everyone in their PJs, but honestly, I wear sweats and slippers to school every day so it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me.”

“Tahoe Tuesday” boasted gingerbread house making in E9 at lunch and encouraged students to adorn themselves in ski and snow gear. The Leadership class held the activity in E9 to reach more students.  Other events were held at various locations around campus though the week.

On “Wacky Wednesday,” students wore ugly holiday sweaters and were serenaded by the chambers singers at lunch, along with cookie decorating in the quad. “It may be our most popular theme. A lot of students wore ugly holiday sweaters on Wednesday,” said senior leadership student Sydney Yuen.

For “Candy Cane Day” on December 13 students dressed up in red and white and treated themselves to hot cocoa at lunch in C14.

“Fuzzy Friday” included musical chairs in the quad at lunch and fuzzy socks and other warm winter apparel items.

This year’s Winter Week didn’t immediately precede the 2-week vacation due to a rare 4-week gap between Thanksgiving break and winter break.

“Plus, wrapping up the canned food drive is a lot of work, and we had to make sure that we had time to run activities during lunch time but also get everything finalized with the drive, so this made everything easier,” said Leadership adviser Lindsay Webb-Peploe.

The winter celebration led up to the Blacklight Blizzard Dance, the 1st winter dance in decades at Campolindo, from 7:30-9:30 on the night of December 14.