Rally Roll Call Returns

Rally Roll Call Returns

Jake Harberson and Sarah Naughten

The infamous “roll call,” where each grade level is invited to cheer for themselves, and where the freshman class has been traditionally “booed” by upperclassmen, made its return at the “Welcome Back” rally on August 31.

According to spirit commissioner and senior Matt Gagan, leadership reintroduced roll call “because it gets people really rowdy and just starts off the rally really good [sic].”

This year however, the student body booed assistant principal Jon Drury in the place of the freshman class.

“I think people enjoyed it and I think we’ll do it again. It might have to be changed but I think for the most part people enjoyed it,” added Gagan.

Senior Angad Chimni, who was disappointed when the practice was discontinued last year, said the rally “was better because we have roll call; it’s the living highlight for the seniors. It’s a rite of passage because we had to suffer through, being booed in our freshman, sophomore, junior years.”

The rally also included a performance from the cheer team, a video made by the spirit commissioners, and class competitions, including an obstacle course and trivia contest.

“It was just something to get people really spirited and ready for the year. You know, I feel like it brings everyone together,” Gagan said of the obstacle course competition. Freshmen competed with their senior siblings. Senior Zoe Crouch and her freshman brother Brody Crouch were the winners.  

Sophomore Quincy Morgridge, who participated in the trivia contest, was hit in the face with a pie for answering incorrectly. “The only thing is that, when I got pied, it started to sting my eyes and now I smell like rotten milk,” said Morgridge. 

Spirit Commissioner, senior Cal Hunter said, “Everyone who got pied consented to be pied, and they knew it was probably going to happen.”

At the end of the rally, leadership awarded the first-ever “Spirit Cup” to the senior class. “I thought it went well, everyone was getting rowdy and it seemed like they enjoyed it, and it was really fun and spirited,” said Gagan.