Jazz Players Visit Music Mecca

Jessica Rosiak, Staff Writer

Members of the Campolindo jazz band performed in New Orleans from April 11 through 15.

While other music groups like the orchestra have traveled across the country for performances in the past, this was the 1st such opportunity for the jazz band. Senior trumpet player Kevin Deng said, “…usually the music program, every 2 years, wants to have a trip opportunity for the students and this year we were lucky enough that the Jazz Band had the funding and the selection to have this wonderful opportunity for us.”

Songs performed by the band included “Jeanne and Barn Burners” and “In the Mood.”  According to freshman Ellie Olson, the band’s set also included swing music.

The bands 1st performance stop was at the Apollo Theater at the Riverwalk in New Orleans.  The group also visited a local charter school and an assisted living center. 

Olson said the students also went on a “jazz history tour.”

According to Deng, the musicians also enjoyed the New Orleans cuisine and a visit to swamp land. A visit to Preservation Hall and historical plantations were also included in the itinerary.

“Mr. Johnson said, ‘look forward to the culture, the food, the livelihood of the place because it is like a very party filled city,'” said freshman Juliana Meneses. “They were all fun and all lively and people danced to them and it was very toughing to see all these people react so happily because here in Moraga you don’t get that everybody just kind of sits there and stares,”

“I think it is really cool that our school gets to do trips like these because it is very cooperative,” said Olson.