Illegally Parked Vehicles Disrupt Tree Trimming


Layla Wright, Staff Writer

4 students were forced to move their cars from the the Campolindo Cabana Club parking lot on January 3.

Although double parking by students has been a longstanding issue in the CCC lot, this was the first time that the school administration was forced to intervene, as tree trimming work next to the parking lot required space for trucks and other equipment.

The tree trimming crew had already entered the lot and placed cones in order to preserve needed space and an entry and exit corridor for their vehicles. However, the cones were ignored by students who parked directly across the entrance, preventing the trucks and other vehicles from exiting the lot.

Remy Moran and Kate Beaty were among those who parked illegally. They were summoned to move their vehicles during 4th period.

Beaty explained, “I’m just sitting in English, working hard and all the sudden I get an orange note. I know that means you’re in trouble, so my heart starts racing. The note says ‘bring your keys immediately’, so I pick up the keys to my minivan and walk to the office. The office proceeded to scold me harshly. Ms. Pimentel called me out. She told me that it was illegal to not park in an actual spot, which everyone does every day, and they would tow my car,” she said.

According to Moran, it took her a long time to walk to the lot to re-park and then walk further down the hill to make it back into her classroom. She complained that the incident wasted her class time. “I missed an entire lecture in APES. Now I feel 100% behind in my school work,” she said.

As Beaty went to move her car, she claimed she saw the workers giggle at her. “Then I had to park all the way up the hill,” she added.

“Now I’m going to scooter to school from Sanders Ranch. I’m never driving to school again to avoid any further problems,” Beaty said.

Associate Principle John Drury said he was not aware of any parking issues in the CCC lot prior to this incident, though he warned that parking illegally can result in having one’s vehicle towed.

“By law, you can get towed anywhere if you park illegally. We are going to handle the students’ case by case if this continues, and see what happens. The consequences will be handled by the city,” he said.

None of the students who were required to move their vehicles received any other consequences from the administration after the incident.

Since the conclusion of tree trimming work, vehicles have again been parked illegally across the CCC lot entrance on a daily basis.