Campus Caroling Welcomes Winter Break


Jessica Rosiak, Staff Writer

Using songs from their recent concert in addition to more traditional seasonal selections, concert choir students spent the school day on December 15 caroling for various classrooms across the campus.

Music instructor Mark Roberts said he decided to use music from the recent performance because “[Concert choir] can learn them very quickly and then just sing them.”

Concert choir, a subdivision of the main choir class, requires that students audition for the limited number of spots.

Junior Suzanne Stanton said preparation for the holiday caroling was “more laid back” compared to a regular concert.

Rather than the formal attire typical for evening performances, vocalists wore holiday sweaters, dresses, and hats. Roberts wore a light-blue suit with white and red holiday patterns.

According to senior Ruby Lowe, the music was well received.  “It was wonderful. They had some really good harmonies going on,” she said.

Roberts said, “I think it is nice for the student body to get to hear the concert choir. Also, its just fun and festive and whenever I put it out to teachers about us being able to do it, there is always an overwhelming response of them being ‘We’d be happy to have you.'”