Leo Club Collects, Cleans Frames


Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

The Leo club collected and cleaned eye glass frames on November 19 at the Moraga fire house.  After cleaning, the frames are sent to a prison where inmates add prescription lenses and then send them off to people in developing countries who have limited access to optometry care.

The Lions club, the parent organization to which the Leo Club is affiliated, also helped with the project.

Leo Club members 1st sorted the frames, selecting those that remained in good shape.

Club president senior Brigitte Marinier said, “I’ve done this 3 times but it started more than 15 years ago. It’s one of the Lions club’s missions.”

According to 1st-time Leo club advisor Sarah Morgan, over 4,000 glasses were obtained from Moraga donors as well as participants state-wide.

“There were far more glasses than I had expected. I can’t believe the generosity from people and the ability of the club to get so many,” said Morgan.

It was club vice president senior Christoph Marinier’s 1st time as well. He believes the community service is good for college resumes and is fun.

“It’s really exciting because we had around 10 Campo Leo club members and there about 15 Lions there too…We also had a fun time trying on the goofy looking glasses and taking pictures of each other. It is, overall, a nice community event and a nice way for people to give back to people in need glasses,” Morgan explained.