Key Club Rallies at Discovery Kingdom


Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

To raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program, Key Club attended Fall Rally North, the biggest fundraiser of the year, at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on October 21.

Key Club is an international, high school student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to serve, build character and develop leadership. Members do such things as clean up parks, collect clothing, and organize food drives. It is the oldest and largest student-led service program for high school students and promotes leadership through serving others.

Since April, the Key Club has been fundraising for the Pediatric Trauma Program. At Fall Rally North, all the Key Clubs in the divisions combined the money they collectively raised. It was Campolindo Key Club’s 3rd year attending Fall Rally North.

During the event, an auction took place. Junior Katherine Xie said, “We put all the lieutenant governors and board members out there and you bid on them, but really it’s just that whoever wins all the money goes to the Pediatric Trauma Program.”

In addition to raising money, this fundraiser was also an opportunity for all of the Key Clubs in Northern California, as well as some from Nevada and Hawaii, to get together and show their spirit and support for the cause.

After the fundraiser, Key Club members toured the amusement park. Club vice president junior Adriana Derksen said, “I had tons of fun meeting new people and going on rides and supporting the pediatric trauma program.”

Junior Caleb Elaizer agreed. “It was super fun and I got to meet a ton of new like-minded people. After my experience this year, I would totally go again next year!” he said.

However, Elaizer said, “If I could change one thing I wish I would have been more active before key club prior to fall rally north so I would have known more people and more cheers.”