Wood Tech Enters State Competition

Rachel Szymanski, Staff Writer

The 164th California State Fair in Sacramento, from July 14-30, will judge the work of 11 Wood Tech students from Campolindo, including bowls, bandsaw boxes, a chess table, and even one shark chair.

Freshman contestant Ben Powers said, “I made a bandsaw box that is a small box with two drawers smaller than a loaf of bread. To make my box, I would say that it took me about 2 months.”

Wood tech teacher Barry Weiss asked students if he could send in their projects for the competition.

Senior William Rack said, “Entering my project into the California State Fair actually wasn’t my idea. Mr. Weiss told me that my project looked pretty good and that it could do well in the State Fair and so I just went along with it.”

According to Rack, in the fair there will be different sections for different types of woodwork, like a bowl category. The projects are going to be judged and will be given first prize, second prize, and a third prize.

Since this is the first time he’s done this, Rack said that he doesn’t really have any expectations. Junior Andrew Kimball also said, “I’m not really expecting anything going into this since it’s my first time doing this.”

Powers said he would submit another entry next year, because he thinks “it’s pretty cool.”