Class of ’66 Returns

Madeleine Singh, Staff Writer

The class of 1966, Campolindo’s first graduating class ever, will be having their 50th reunion on campus on October 14.

Alumnus Bruce Van Voorhis, class of ’66, decided to organize the event after organizing the class’ 30th reunion. “Reunions aren’t always for everyone, but lots of people seem to appreciate their old acquaintances more as time passes. I felt that I would be very comfortable reuniting with people that I used to know in high school, even though I really didn’t enjoy myself much then and even though I only had a few close friends then. It turns out that many of my classmates felt the same way,” said Voorhis.

During the campus visit on October 14, the group plans to spend a few minutes in tribute to their deceased classmates. In the late afternoon, the alumni will go on a campus tour. “Campolindo has expanded a lot and we’d like to look at the swimming pool, small gym, the theatre, and the other facilities added since we graduated,” added Voorhis.

An informal gathering in Moraga Commons Park followed by an evening dinner party in Pleasant Hill will be held on October 15. Classmates and their guests will need advance tickets to attend the dinner. “The master of ceremonies at the dinner of course will be Tom Parry, our very popular (and humorous) Senior Class President, said Voorhis.

Voorhis and the rest of the reunion committee want the Class of 2016 to be informed that the alumni are enthusiastically celebrating Campolindo’s first 50th reunion, and they wish them well.

For more information on the reunion’s activities and the alumni that will be attending, visit the official website.

“In my opinion, the event has the potential to be an experience of a lifetime that should not missed,” said Voorhis, who added that all are welcome to attend the presentation given in the afternoon of October 14 (location to be determined).