Campus Shines Light on Success


Madeleine Singh, Staff Writer

A yoga demonstration, open instrumental and vocal music rehearsals, and a slide show promoting journalism highlighted the February 4 open house festivities. The event began with a special welcome for the class of 2020 at pm in the big gym.  This was followed by 90 minutes of an open campus during which teachers and students showcased their programs.

Principal John Walker encouraged the crowd of incoming freshmen and their parents, as well as the parents of current students, to drop in on the various exhibitions throughout the evening.

Chris Walsh, teacher of the popular yoga course, said his presentation was “great, with two exclamation points! There was a great turnout and we had a lot of fun.”

Walsh taught various breathing techniques to aid falling asleep. “We tried to do a yoga presentation a few years ago and only a few people came, but Mrs. Findlay suggested that we try it again and there was a great turnout! There were lots of sophomores,” added Walsh. “We spent 30 or 40 minutes doing basic poses to help relax and slow the body down, and I definitely hope we can do it again next year.”

Half an hour later, Joan Bacheller began her presentation in the College and Career Center. “I held the presentation to welcome new parents and tell them all about the Center, because we’re just a little area in the back of the library that not many new parents know about,” said Bacheller. “I wanted them to know that there’s a place at Campolindo for every type of student, regardless of the path they want to pursue.” The presentation was “packed,” and some parents had to stand outside of the Center due to lack of space.

In addition to the classroom presentations, parents browsed the various installations that had been erected by art students in the days leading up to the event.  Most of the art incorporated elect lights, providing both a vibrant visual experience and some much needed illumination through the otherwise dark walkways and halls.