Lunch Festivities Celebrate Halloween

Dree Ivanoff, Staff Writer

Halloween was celebrated a day early with an assortment of mini-games and other events hosted by Leadership in the quad during lunch on October 30.

There were cakewalks, costume contests, an autopsy crime scene booth, scavenger hunts, and a doughnut fishing game. “It’s really just Halloween festivities for the fun to make it Halloween,” said leadership adviser Dino Petrocco.

“I participated in the cakewalk and the donut activity. I would probably add more food to get people to participate. There weren’t people really doing anything other than the cakewalk and fishing for donuts,” said junior Kate Molloy.

Sophomore Ethan Sauerberg, a Leadership student who ran the new autopsy booth, said, “We’re pretending that someone was murdered and we’re trying to figure out who it was by having people feel their guts.” People who participated grabbed handfuls of pasta, scrambled egg, grapes, mashed potatoes, and jello.  

Senior Cullen Jacuzzi won “overall best costume.”

“I dressed up as a genie. It was fun,” he said.