Campus Clubs on Rise

Dree Ivanoff, Staff Writer

The quad was jammed with an unusual glut of students at lunch on September 25.  The reason:  Club Day, an event which showcases new and returning clubs eager to solicit membership for the current school year.

According to Leadership advisor Dino Petrocco, more clubs were included this year than last year. “This year it was much larger. We had 52 clubs and that is a significant renewal and that’s a pretty big increase from last year. Last year I think we had like 30 clubs,” he said.

“Sometimes we have some years we have huge turnout and huge demands for clubs, and then other years it’s just kinda you know, so-so, but I think of the campus as a whole view has considerably more clubs than other schools,” Petrocco said.

Club themes include culture, athletics, and community service.

One oranization focusing on culture is the Japanese club. “We go on a trip to Japan town, and we’re just kind like a community that really likes Japanese culture and we just hang out,” said senior Adia Tajima.

The Trail Mixers club, a hiking group, also presented information about their club at the event. “We are a Campolindo hiking club. That’s why we’re called the trail mixers and we go on hikes once or twice a month,” said senior Natasha McCullough.

The Leo Club articulated their focus on community service. “Leo club is a community service club. We basically do various volunteer projects and help the environment,” explained senior club president Ashley Lok.

The quad was a slogan paradise. According to Tajima, the Japanese club’s catch phrase is: “Don’t be scared. Don’t be Kawi. We’re Kawaii.”

The Trail mixers’ official tee shirt hash-tag is, “Go nuts for the outdoors.”

Along with the various club booths, there was also a voter registry for students who had turned or would soon turn eighteen.

Leadership members set out tables, tape, and signs for the club presidents and reps before lunch began.