Seniors Served Breakfast, Briefly


Dree Ivanoff

Seniors having a field day with free food.

Dree Ivanoff, Staff Writer

The senior breakfast, a favorite high school tradition, took place inside the cafeteria on September 4 between 7:30 and 8:10am.

Leadership teacher Dino Petrocco said, “I think that it’s just an opportunity for the seniors to get together and kick off the year with delicious free food.”

Volunteers were comprised of the seniors’ parents and teachers, and they began prepping plates of the catered food at 6:30am. Every plate contained bacon, sausages, pineapple, french toast, potatoes, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Over three hundred plates of food were prepared, yet volunteers were still energetic and enthusiastic, like parent Ruth Malvo, who said, “We consider it an honor to be serving breakfast to the seniors this year.”

Social studies teacher Paul Verbanszky said, “I enjoy serving the students meals because I’m also serving them education every day, and I find it a nice way to connect on a different setting and a different way to the seniors.”

In spite of the efforts of parents and staff to provide the event, some seniors were disappointed with the limited time they had to enjoy it.  Soha Sadeghi said,  “I wish we could have done it till nine or nine thirty cause it was kind of cut short.”

Although Verbanszky praised the tradition, he respected the inconvenience the event posed for teachers with mixed grade level classes who were impacted by the late arrival of seniors: “I’m actually not annoyed by this, but I can understand why teachers with mix classes would be more frustrated, but as a senior teacher, you know it’s a great tradition, and for me it feels like a way to begin senior year.”