Vocalists Bond at Choral Retreat

Katy Ly, Staff Writer

The members of Bel Canto traveled to the Volti Choral Institute in Occidental, from January 31 to February 1.

Choral teacher Mark Roberts said that the goal of the retreat was for the group to grow closer. Senior Bel Canto singer Rosalind Fraser said, “It was definitely to have our choir bond a lot more, especially since we are such a small group. And I think it succeeded in that.”

About 19 students attended the trip, according to Fraser. She also said she enjoyed singing, talking in the cabins, and hanging out with the group.

Roberts said that the weekend was also an opportunity to meet with other high school choirs. Fraser added that besides the Campolindo choir, there were also two Acalanes choirs and a choir from Piedmont at the retreat. “I think there was about 80 of us total at the retreat, from the choirs and the directors from the different schools,” she said.

Fraser added, “We (the choirs) worked on three mass pieces where we all sing together, and we also all sung some our own repertoire (songs).” She said for the mass pieces, all the choirs came together and sang as one large choir, conducted by the different music directors from the different schools. The choirs also had workshop sections with professional singers, who worked with each of the individual choirs.

“We had a lot of fun,” Fraser said. “I don’t know about learning, but I can definitely say that we bonded.”