Senior Night Preps Parents


Kelly Pien, Opinion Editor

Parents of hopeful graduates received their last updates for the school year at the annual Senior Parent Night on April 21.

“It’s an information meeting for the senior parents to let them know all the activities that are coming up for the next six weeks – graduation, senior ball, senior field trip, grad night, and such,” said senior class adviser Susan Furay.

Senior class advisors distributed memory boards and information packets containing “everything they need to know for every activities seniors have from now until graduation,” according to Furay. Parents who still had to sign permission slips signed them. Then, parents attended a question and answer session and a lecture from Bill Ames in the auditorium. Senior class advisor Nicole Cassidy said the talk was about “what to expect with your senior, what’s going on in their heads for the next 6 weeks and graduation and college admissions and stuff like that.”

The event was organized by the parent senior class advisors and was approved by the administration. “It [how to run the event] gets handed down from the class prior and we tailor it to our needs,” Furay said. According to Furay, the event is “the same thing” every year.

According to Cassidy, the event has been going on for more than 5 years.

“I think it’s a great event because there’s just so many things happening for seniors between now and graduation,” Cassidy said, “It’s a great time to get everyone together so everyone can ask questions. Everyone can hear everyone else’s questions and responses, so I think it’s just a necessary event.”