Carrel Leaves Career Center Post


College and Career counselor Gwenly Carrel has left her post after 12 years at Campo.

Nick Johnson, Staff Writer

Longtime college and career counselor Gwenly Carrel has left Campolindo after 12 years at her position, taking a new job at the University of California Office of the President.

Carrel helped students find their way to college. She met students during their sophomore year and helped them complete a career project which helped them investigate potential college choices and career paths.

Carrel visited over 100 United States colleges and universities during her time as college and career counselor.

The University of California Office of the President, where Carrel now works, manages finances for the universities in the UC system.  They also determine which courses high schools should provide so that they meet UC standards.

Carrel reflected on her years working with high school students fondly.  “The best and most fulfilling part of my job has been working with students and helping them find their best fit. I will miss working with the students,” she said.

Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett praised Carrel for her work at Campolindo. “ Mrs. Carrel was an excellent College and Career supervisor. She had extensive knowledge about and experience with colleges and the college application and acceptance process. She was always available to assist individual students and their families,” she said.

Carrel attributed Campo students’ success after high school to an outstanding staff. “I think Campo really prepares students for life after Campo,” she said. “It has the college and career center as well as the guidance counselors and the teachers,” she said.

As college and career counselor, Carrel  organized wonderful parent education nights, scheduled and hosted college information visits.  She also had lists of jobs that were available for students as volunteer opportunities.

Carrel also brought in representatives from the branches of the armed forces as well as members of other occupations in order to give students exposure to a variety of post high school options.

At the University of California Office of the President, Carrel works on the high school articulation team. She makes sure that high school courses meet the requirements to be UC eligible.

Carrel said that she is enjoying her new job,  “It’s only been a week, but I am very excited about my new job because I’ll be able to help other schools be as good as Campo,” she said.

What does Carrel miss most about Campo? “The energy of the students. Now i’m in an office with all adults,” she said.