Talent Showcased at Thursday Assembly


Casey Miller, News Editor

The 2014 campus talent show featured 8 performances during a special assembly in the big gym preceding lunch on Thursday, April 10.

Talent acts included a sitar performance, junior Kelsey Raftis singing “Little Black Dress” by Sara Bareilles, a CAPA (California Academy of Performing Arts) dance routine, and a rock band.

Additional performances included Sam and Max Lee’s card trick, a jazz quartet performing “Happy People,” senior Callie Hazabaderian singing “Halo” with Sam Gelmis on the guitar, and a finale by the Bhangra dance club.

CAPA dance member Olivia Tataseo said, “We’re doing it for fun. We only rehearsed for one week.” Wearing all black clothing, the CAPA dancers performed a three-minute show.

“I loved the magic show. I thought that was completely different. We’ve never had anything like that before. I’m always impressed with the dancers. The sitar player was awesome, Nikeel,” said Leadership Adviser Dino Petrocco.

“I felt that it went smoothly,” Petrocco said. “Outside of a few sophomore boys who want to be disrespectful, it went well.”

Petrocco’s reference to “sophomore boys” likely related to a sophomore who was escorted out by Prinicipal John Walker after tumbling over some of his friends in the bleachers during the magic act. The student received a standing ovation from many sophomores and seniors as he left the gym.