Daily Themes Highlight Spring Week


Junior Emily Parish shows off her star-spangled backpack on U.S.A. Day.

Aly Fosbury

Katie Erickson, Staff Writer

Students participated in lunch time activities and dressed up in spirited attire from March 24- 29. Leadership facilitated the events of Spring Week.

“Spring Week brings the school together because everyone is really excited to dress up and do the lunch time activities. We reach out to groups, like art for the chalk drawing contest and athletic kids for the dodge-ball,” said sophomore president Fiona Stewart.

On Monday, students dressed up in tie dye clothes and ties. At lunch, Leadership passed out chalk and students drew pictures and words, all over the school.

“I really enjoy Spring Week because it is fun to dress up and see all of the school spirit, especially chalk drawing in the quad because that is something we don’t normally get to do and I thought it was a great idea,” said sophomore Olivia Carver.

Tuesday’s theme was “USA day” with students dressing in red, white and blue. In the quad, students participated in the Slurpee drinking contest. Freshman Brett Smith was the Slurpee champion and Noah Bagley was close behind in 2nd. “We have always wanted to do a food eating competition. Everyone loves Slurpees and, as long as people drink them through the straws, it is something funny that they can watch and enjoy. It was great and I definitely think it could turn into a long time thing,” said ASB president Newton Kwan.

Wednesday featured class competitions and colorful clothing. Seniors wore black, juniors wore white, sophomores, red and freshman, blue. In the gym, students participated in class competitions, like dodge ball.

“The color day brings the classes together,” said Stewart.

On Thursday, students dressed up in outfits that ended in “ER” such as firefighter, cheerleader or golfer. At lunch, students enjoyed special club food booths in the quad. Chipotle, Morucci’s, Jamba Juice and Top Dog catered the food bazaar. In addition, there was mochi and ice cream sandwiches  for sale.

“I am going to miss the food bazaar because we get to eat a lot of good food that we wouldn’t normally eat,” sophomore Catherine Rack said.  Due to new district health guidelines, campuses will be allowed only one day of the year, during homecoming week, to offer off-campus food.

Nautical clothes, like blue and white stripes and sailor hats, surrounded the school on Friday. Students sailed across the Soda Center dive pool on homemade, cardboard boats for the annual boat regatta during lunch.

The rally consisted of a funny video, with Spirit Commissioners Harrison Hughes and Griffin Bell as the stars, and Aca Deca was recognized. The boats were presented at the rally as a preview for the boat regatta.