Secrets Reveals Risks of Sex


Actors from Kaiser Permanente put on a free skit about AIDS awareness for Campolindo freshmen.

Michael Navruzyan, Staff Writer

Kaiser Permanente’s Secrets Program visited campus on March 12, free of charge, to teach freshmen about the risks of being sexually active.

The Secrets Program’s goal is to convey that unprotected sex is dangerous, abstinence is the only way to be 100% safe, and to provide support for resisting peer pressure to be sexually active.

Vice Principal Sharon Bartlett helped arrange the Secrets assembly at Campolindo.  It is also performed for freshmen at the other district schools.  The program also provides a similar performance for middle school students.

Four actors, Eddie, Monica, Thai, and Denise comprised the cast.

Eddie is a popular athlete who falls in love with Monica. When Eddie realizes that he is at risk for HIV and other STI’s, he decides the smartest thing he can do is get tested. Eddie tests positive for HIV, and he then regrets his past decisions. Although Eddie has HIV, Monica is still there to comfort him.

Freshmen students seemed to enjoy the program. “The skits they did were really funny and it was a lot better than the last assembly,” Zack Duffy said.

“I think that students enjoyed it, and I think it made them think about some very serious things. It raises some very serious questions,” Bartlett said.

“I thought the assembly was very good, and learning about abstinence is a very important aspect of our high school education,” Jordan Li said,