Spring Week Tops Leadership Priorities

Nikki Honda, Sports Editor

Upcoming events sponsored by the Leadership class include Spring Week, donation drives, and Junior Prom and Senior Ball.

According to student body President Newton Kwan, Spring Week is “kind of like the Homecoming Week but in the spring.” It will be held the week before spring break and will include  “a ton of activities and dress up days, boat races at lunch,” and a rally.

According to Kwan, the leadership class plans to do “some pretty unconventional activities during lunch time.”

Kwan said the juniors have been busy trying to figure out the logistics of prom, which include tasting the food, checking the venue, and making sure everyone will have a good time. According to Kwan, preparing for prom is requiring more work than usual because it is the first year prom has been held off campus. “The DJ is going to come on April 18th to start building up the hype for prom. That’s when invitations will be passed out in the quad,” said Gannett.

Junior Prom will be held at the Rotunda in Oakland on April 26. Junior Class President Alex Gannett said he and the other junior class officers sampled Scott’s Seafood, the restaurant that will be catering the event.

“We’ve been having meetings with [vice principal Sharon] Barlett and our advisors and going and looking at the Rotunda and seeing how we’re going to decorate,” Gannett said. The theme for the night is The Great Gatsby.

Over the next couple months, the senior class officers will be preparing for Senior Ball which will be held on May 17.

Kwan also anticipates organizing donation drives. He hopes to have a prom dress donation drive in which students donate old dresses that “probably don’t fit anymore.”

Leadership is also brainstorming ideas for the annual carnival held in the fall during Homecoming Week. “There’s going to be new guidelines next year, so as of right now we can’t have the carnival we currently have with those food guidelines. We’re looking for ways to maybe get around that or look for an exemption for a particular day,” said Kwan.

Leadership will end their year with the Grand Finale Rally on May 29.

However, the priority right now is focused on Spring Week. “We’re hoping people have a lot of fun, and have a great time, and remember that school’s not all about just studying. It’s about having a good time with your friends, talking to new people, and doing fun activities,” Kwan said.