Tutoring Offers Binder Organization


Nick Johnson, Staff Writer

Lost papers, missing worksheets and ripped up notebooks can torment a student; fortunately, there is a solution to this far too prevalent predicament.

Peer tutoring, which is run by special education teacher Michelle Alessandria and history teacher Caron Brownlee, is offering a “binder hospital” service.

“I wanted to make sure that students who needed organizational support would get it,” Alessandria said.

Alessandria spoke with the Joaquin Moraga parent volunteer Linda O’Brien about their program and thought their binder organizing model would be a good service at Campolindo.

It’s just one aspect of the tutoring program, which is staffed by a variety of students.

Sophomore Edward Carey wanted to become a peer tutor for two reasons. “I thought that I could help other students with what they were struggling with and to make their school experience better.

Peer tutors give students that walk in for binder help a questionnaire to fill out in order to determine what will be most productive for them to implement. Then, students are given a new binder or binders as well as other necessary supplies.

According to Alessandria, being prepared for school is key. “Organization is one of the most important parts of success and if students get support from peer tutors, they will hopefully be more successful.” she said.

The success of the program depends on how well it is utilized, according to Alessandria. There are flyers around the school advertising the new program and teachers are telling their students as well.

The Binder Hospital will be held during regular peer tutoring days during seventh period and after school in science teacher Tren Kauzer and Brownlee’s rooms. Supplies are ordered from Officemax and provided to students for free. Alessandria said that students who attended the program once can come back for more help in the future.