Film Fest Offers Scholarships, Internships

Emily Fong, Co-News Editor

The 8th annual Lamorinda Acalanes Union Film Festival (LAUFF 8) will be held in the CPAC on February 28 at 7pm.

20 student produced films will be showcased. Submissions will be taken from any student from the Acalanes Union High School District.

“More than ever, young people have access to the tools and means to share their ideas with the world. Films are a powerful and unique medium to broadcast their voice for all to hear, ” said festival coordinator and video production teacher Justin Seligman in the event’s press release.

Prizes will be awarded, including scholarships from various film programs and camps, as well as internships with companies like Megasonic Sound, an Oakland based production studio. The festival hopes to award 18 prizes in total, ranging from scholarships to smaller rewards, according to the press release.

The LAUFF 8 event is mandatory for video production students.

Junior Rachel Lin thinks that the festival is a good way to get students to participate in the community and to meet deadlines for their work. “There are a lot of chances throughout the year for people to enter and make videos, but a lot of time most people don’t do it. The festival being mandatory is a good way to get people’s films out there,” she said.

Lin participated in the festival last year with her film Write. “It’s weird showing my film in front of everybody. I’d love to get my friends involved with my films but it usually doesn’t end up happening,” she said.