Film Project Requires Collaboration


Video’s collaborative film is about a woman who has difficulty connecting with others. Junior Michelle Pang drew storyboards for the project.

Jack Moeller, Staff Writer

Students in Video Production 2 and 3 are collaborating with AP Art, Music Theory, Photography, and Advanced Drama on their current film project.

The various courses will be providing storyboards, actors, and original music for the film. Production will being in March.

“The last collaborative film project we did like this was in 2005,” Video instructor Mr. Seligman said.

“I think the main point of the film project is just to make a collaboration between a bunch of different departments in Campo,” Art student Michelle Pang said.

Veteran video director Nolan Englund is excited to showcase the breadth of artistic talent on campus. “We wanted to bring all of the art forms at Campolindo, and bring it all together in a movie,” he said.

Pang is drawing the storyboards for the project. “The purpose of story the story board is to give the Director, the Director of Photography, and the 1st Camera Assistant the opportunity to do what is called pre-visualize what the film is going to look like before they go through the trouble of filming it, which in this case is a much larger project,” explained Seligman.

Drama students will be acting in the film, and AP music theory students will provide theme music.

According to Englund, being the director comes with a lot of stress. “There is a lot of after school stuff, so I got to coordinate all of the people that are working with it. I got to cast people. I have to organize auditions, take pictures, do head shots,” he said.

“I think it is really interesting, and actually I want to be an artist. I think Storyboard Art is something I would be interested in doing. I think it is cool to participate in this type of project,” said Pang.

However, Pang acknowledges that the project will need a lot of work. “I think the hardest part is that I have to do a lot of drawings, and I am pretty slow when I draw. When I have a weekend to do 7 drawings, it will take me a half of an hour to do 1 drawing,” she said.

According to Seligman, the plot of the film will be about a woman who has problems connecting with others. “The treatment or general story revolves around a young woman who works at a theater, who is socially disconnected from her peers, so she does not have strong relationships with kids her age,” he said.

While Englund enjoys the opportunity to broaden the film making experience by incorporating the other campus programs, his true passion lies in the hands-on production. “I really like everything on set. I like working with the actors, and shooting the actual project,” he said.