Turkey Trot Funds Heritage Trust


Jaime Brown, Staff Writer

Over 100 people, including some Campolindo students, gathered November 16 to participate in Muir Heritage Land Trust’s 1st annual Turkey Trot at Fernandez Ranch in Martinez.

The race was 5 kilometers, a little over 3 miles, and there were trophy prizes waiting for the winners in each age category. 12 year old Emma Cardinaly ended up getting first in her age group. “It was fun,” she said. “I just took my time.”

Cardinaly plans to run it again next year.

 The entrance fee was $20 for those under 18 and $25 for adults.  The proceeds were donated to the Muir Heritage Land Trust, which is an organization dedicated to protecting wild lands and promoting environmental awareness. “I think it’s cool that we are helping and have fun while doing it,” freshman Ashley Lee said.

Although there weren’t any real turkeys at the Turkey Trot, the mayor of Pleasant Hill, Michael G. Harris, participated in the run with his wife, Dawn Block. Block was dressed as “Tanya the Turkey,” greeting runners at the finish line and taking photos with them.

“We support the Muir Heritage Land Trust. It’s a wonderful organization,” Harris said. “It’s preserving open space for all of use to use, whether we like to run or hike or just view the beauty of this area.”

The race took participants through trees and across open grasslands on a dirt path. “It’s a beautiful day and awesome terrain,” runner Diana Brown said.

At the end of the race, runners were awarded t-shirts and socialized with other participants while enjoying fresh, local grown produce and ice cold water.

The Muir Heritage Land Trust raised over $2,400 at through event. “I’m glad I could support a good cause,” Brown said.