Math Introduces New Calculators


Marko Durovic, staff writer

The math department has switched from the TI-84 to new TI-NSpire calculators. The TI-NSpire is a newer model, and has an interactive screen, a trait its predecessor lacks.

According to math teacher Bill Doherty, the devices have been working well. “It’s nice when technology works right out of the box,” he said.

The decision to upgrade the new models was made near the end of last year. “There was a better calculator out there.  It’s been out there for a while, and AP Stat has been using it for over a year, and we thought it would make sense if everyone moved in that direction,” said Petro Petreas, math department chair.

“Parent’s Club and MEF have funded us, which is very nice,” said Petreas. According to financial secretary Shelly Hadley, a total of about $9500 was spent on the calculators.

Many students, like sophomore Chase Abott, are using graphing calculators for the first time. “It was pretty difficult. I have never used a graphing calculator before, and I thought they were very high tech,” said Abott.

Students aren’t required to use the new calculators, but Petreas recommends they do, since they are superior to the TI84 in almost all categories, the most noticeable one being the interactive computer display.

“You can always use whichever calculator you want,” said Petreas. “We realize this is a transition year, but we would prefer if students used them.”