Boyd Joins Social Studies Staff

Nikki Honda, Sports Editor

Ryan Boyd is the newest addition to the Social Studies Department. Teaching previously at Northgate High School, Boyd is now teaching U.S. History, Psychology, and Government and Economics at Campolindo.

“I felt it was time to go from Northgate. This is a great district and Campo’s a great school,” Boyd said.

Boyd thinks the staff has been welcoming, friendly, and helpful. He attributed the staff”s excellence to their unique resources, including “an entire counseling department and a full-time librarian.”

“Since there are more resources here, staff here have the tools to do their jobs,” he said.

According to Boyd, the 2 schools have similar student bodies and are both hard-working and successful in athletics.

Boyd appreciates the Campolindo students’ work ethic in class. “The students take their education seriously. They work hard and they’re interested in learning,” he said.

Boyd enjoys the “enthusiasm of the students and their positive attitude about their education.”

Boyd also enjoys Campolindo’s classrooms because they have windows and Northgate’s do not.  Northgate’s campus, built in the early 70’s, is designed with indoor hallways and concrete walls with few eye level windows.

He said the transition has been fairly simple. “I’ve taught for so long and I’ve had the experience multiple times,” he said.

U.S. History student Julia Giovanni said Boyd is funny. “He relates to the students because he’s younger and understands us,” she said.

She enjoys not using the textbook often because it results in less reading. “We watch a lot of videos which is fun and helps me learn,” she said. Giovanni said Boyd’s class consists of many discussions. “It makes it easier to understand when you can talk about it to everyone,” she said.

Psychology student Calli Cunningham also enjoys Boyd’s class. She likes that he mixes school work with modern day society. “He’s very hands-on and we do a lot of projects and not a lot of busywork,” she said. Cunningham said this helps her retain more of the information.

“He’ll take something basic and make you think about it in depth,” Cunningham explained. Psychology classes recently worked on a project about social norms in society in which they questioned why they thought these concepts were considered normal.

Boyd had taught at El Dorado Middle School for 4 years and Northgate High School for 8 years before coming to Campolindo.