Spring Drama Production Canceled, Moves off Campus

Casey Miller, Co-Sports Editor

Due to poor turnout at auditions, the annual spring drama department production, usually held in May, was cancelled by Drama instructor Jamie Donohoe. However, seniors Kyle Merryman and Mina Arasteh have taken it upon themselves to produce the planned comedy, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, off-campus.

It will be a completely student produced performance.

This particular comedy is written by Tom Stoppard, which features two characters, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who originally appear in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

According to Arasteh, the funding will be raised through a Kickstarter online account, which allows sponsors to donate money for the production costs.  Merryman added, “We will be using some equipment from school.  To film, will be using an FX-7, and using Final Cut Pro X.”

To spread publicity, Arasteh said, “We will be distributing fliers and putting up posters.”

Currently, rehearsals are taking place at individual actors’ houses, but the play will likely be performed at the Lafayette Town Hall. The actors rehearse 4 times a week in preparation for the May 12 and 13 performances.

Merryman and Arasteh asked drama colleagues to read for different parts during auditions.  Merryman will play Rosencrantz, while Arasteh will direct the play.

Senior Michael Flynn is the assistant director of the production. “I work with the actors and provide different perspectives.  Now we’ve got a big crew, and I’m going to try and promote this show as much as possible,” he said.